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11/7/16 Had a weekend of flyball at Epworth. So pleased with our girls. Didn't put a paw wrong apart from when Coco decided for some reason she was going to spit the ball. Love them so much and love how much they love their flyball.

27/7/16 Back from 6 days at Drax. We had a flyball tournament at the weekend and was so pleased with my girls. All 3 ran paw perfect all day. A 5th place for coco and Mayas team and a 2nd place for Indi and her team. Then after the tournament we stayed for 3 days of training in which Dyce made massive progress and the 2 youngsters Azur and Teal learnt lots too. Indi Maya and coco did lots of stamina training.

Just before we went away to Drax Nero mated another red tri, KC Registered, health tested girl. Please contact me if you would like details of this litter and I shall pass your details on to her owner.

9/8/16 Just back from 5 days away to Suffolk for the European Flyball Championships. Was our favourite flyball event to date. 11 Countries with thousands of people and dogs. Was fantastic to race and to watch the teams racing from all over Europe. The people were so friendly and sporting and the venue was amazing too. We had Coco and Maya running and my most memorable race was against a Belgian team will never forget it. This was our first European Championships and I so hope its not our  The weather was amazing too.

23/8/16  Back home from 5 days at the British Flyball Championships at Derbyshire. A very successful time for the girls. Indi and her team won every race and were divisional Champions which was fantastic. Coco and Maya and their team got a very respectful 3rd place. Our other team, where Steve is the boxloader also won their division to be Champions.

5/9/16 Our beautiful Dyce has been mated to our handsome Nero. See planned/expected litters page for more info

14/9/16 Lila has been mated to Max. See planned/expected litters page for more info.

14/9/16 We have left our old flyball team and joined a brand new flyball team which is just starting off. Lots of good times ahead for our girls and ourselves.

17/11/16 Lila has had 6 amazing puppies details of which are on the planned/expected litters page. This will be our last litter for at least another year. 

14/1/17 Steve took Coco and Maya for their first competition of the year and the first running with their new team. Both girls ran so well considering they hadn't ran in any competition since August. No rosette but lots of points and experience.

4/2/17 Had an amazing day at a flyball competition in Edinburgh. Our first tournament where we were all running as our new club Eclipse. Coco ran in division 1 with Eclipse Rising and ended up with an amazing 1st place. This was the first time these 4 dogs had ran together and we couldn't have asked for more from them. Not anywhere near our potential for time yet either, so lots of exciting times ahead.

Indi and Maya ran together in the same team for the first time with Eclipse Explosion and neither put a paw wrong all day. We were so proud of both of them and the rest of the team. Our star of the day was Dyce who made her debut in open competition sharing a place with Maya in Eclipse Explosion. She was so totally focussed and enthusiastic and loved every second of it and again didn't put a paw wrong. A very tiring but very fun day had by everyone.

11/2/17 A great day of flyball at Newark. Only our 2nd competition with Eclipse and we had a brilliant day. Coco and her team mates in Eclipse Rising got a well deserved 2nd place in Div 1 and Indi, Maya and Dyce sharing a spot and their team mates got a fantastic 2nd place in Div 2. Its great having Indi and Maya running together after all these years of being in separate teams and Dyce yet again shared her spot with Maya brilliantly. Were hoping she has gained her flyball dog award here.

18/4/17 We have had 2 more very successful tournaments in Newark over this last month with the girls winning their divisions etc. Lots of rosettes and certificates etc and lots more experience for the girls. Their fitness is getting better and they are really enjoying their flyball.

20/6/17 Sorry for lack of posts but we have been competing all over the country in the last couple of months. We have had some fantastic tournaments with brilliant results. Azur has also began competing in starters and is doing so well. Lots of progress with all of the girls. Maya has now gained over 10000 points which gives her her silver award. Cocos times are getting faster and we are settling well into the new line ups in our teams. Lots of things to look forward to.

22/6/17 We have had to say goodbye to our beautiful, loving girl Hena. She fought epilepsy bravely for so long but it just got too much for her. We are absolutely devastated and heartbroken.

4/7/17 Back from a fantastic weekend of flyball at Newark. A first place for Eclipse Explosion for Maya Indi and their team. The girls didn't put a paw wrong. Eclipse Rising did so well with our Dyce standing in. She was amazing and both her and Coco did their fastest times.

23/01/18 After competing all year last year we have decided to take the huge step to start our own flyball club, Infinity Flyball. We had our 1st tournament on Sunday in Cowdenbeath and our dogs were amazing. The 4 dogs had never competed together in a team and some were running in positions they had never run in before and over heights they had never ran over before and we couldn't have asked any more for them. We got a fantastic 2nd place and our dogs were loving being back in the ring. Our 2 babies in the team were in starters and both were fantastic and made so much progress and gained so much confidence.

If you think your dog would love to try flyball, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

21/09/18 Apologies for the total lack of news lately. This is down to the fact that we have been thoroughly enjoying competing all Spring and Summer all over the country with our flyball team Infinity. We had no idea that when Steve Joanne and myself decided to start our club it would grow so quickly . We have had a fantastic time and the dogs have absolutely loved every minute of it. They have done so well and exceeded all of our expectations. You can follow our flyball team on facebook under Infnity Flyball.

We only breed very occasionally and only when we have demand from our flyball friends. We have mated Dyce to Nero and are hopefully expecting puppies next month. Dyce herself competes in flyball and her litter sister ran at Crufts last year and has also qualified for next year at Crufts too. Dyce and Nero are of course health tested and have the most amazing temperaments. Puppies will be KC Registered and reared to the utmost of care in our home. Please let me know if you would like any information on this litter. 

We have not had a litter for 2 years so we are excited about this.