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                                             RAZDA LILAC LACE AT HARDYLJESS


        COLOUR: Lilac/white

        Date of Birth : 23/7/2010

        Colour Genes Carried: Dilute, Blue, Red

         Eyetested: CEA unaffected at 6 weeks CEA/PRA/PLL - Clear- Tested 25/3/15

         Goniodysgenesis - Unaffected - Tested 25/3/15

         TNS: DNA tested: Carrier

         CEA: Genetically Clear

         CL: DNA tested: Clear

          Hip Score: 4: 7

          BAER Hearing Tested: Normal

Lila is a beautiful girl with a fantastic temperament also. She loves her cuddles and is a wonderful dog to be around. We love her to bits.